Crazy insects

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Most people are familiar with how the Black Widow spider eats the male after they’ve mated – for nutrition (or maybe just because she can). That’s how they get their name. Black Widows aren’t the only arthropods who do crazy stuff, however. Here’s a list of a few more cool insects:

1. Praying mantis
 Looks like a kung fu fighter. Catches hummingbirds. Female eats the head of the male as they mate. He keeps going anyway.

Martial artist. Martial artist.

2. Cockroach
How come?
Bite off its head and the body lives until it dies from starvation two weeks later.

Master of the universe. Master of the universe.

3. Walking stick
So what? Begins its life as an egg that looks like a seed, which fools ants to carry it into their nest. This “seed” is inedible, and when the walking stick hatches, it produces a pheromone that prevents the ants from attacking them. Once out…

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