Sea Turtles and Jaguars: Game Camera Photos

And the circle of life goes round and round… get ready for some (sad? gory? awesome?) photos of a jaguar eating a – you guessed it – green sea turtle!

We were incredibly fortunate to have met Erik, who works for WIDECAST and helps monitor sea turtle breeding on the beach, while we were in Santa Rosa. The introduction wasn’t planned, but he was wonderful and responsible for many of the very very amazing turtle nestings and hatchlings we saw over the weekend. (He also let yours truly tag along at 5AM and dig baby green turtles out of the clutches of ghost crabs!)

Before we left, he shared some incredible game camera photos and videos with us, of a jaguar chomping on a yummy female adult green sea turtle who’d come to the beach with the hopes of laying her eggs. Little did she know that she’d become the breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one of the dozen-plus jaguars who call that same beach home…

Here, we see a turtle carcass to the right, and a black vulture striking a pose: (notice the time stamp)


Later that night (3:08AM, to be exact), a new friend stops by:


This jaguar, one of two females who are tracked and collared, is seen here munching on the dinner she’d caught the day before.

MFDC0050 MFDC0051

… and now she’s brought it back to a more remote location so that she could keep eating:


Quite an eventful night! Little did we know as we were walking along the beach and sleeping a few metres away…


We sadly didn’t see the jaguars, but they definitely saw us!

Pura Vida,





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