Circle of life, pt. 3

Adventure Ramblings

As Tom Jr. and the other baby sea turtles braved the breaking waves, we followed them into the water. With the sun shining, the waves breaking on the beach, and magnificent frigate birds soaring above, the idyll was complete as the baby turtles valiantly pushed on towards the open sea. Suddenly, disaster struck.

One after one, the frigate birds swooped down over the waves, picking up the baby sea turtles, and we saw Tom Jr. soar to the great beyond.

Tom (Sr.) and others loudly cursing the frigate bird. Photo by Amy Zhang. Tom (Sr.) and others cursing loudly at the frigate bird as Tom Jr. goes airborne. Photo by Amy Zhang.

Lacking words. Photo by Amy Zhang. At a loss. Photo by Amy Zhang.

As budding scientists, we of course took a neutral and objective view on the whole thing (okay, one or two of us may have cursed under our breaths and/or screamed at the birds for a few minutes), since this isn’t at all out of the ordinary. Almost all organisms produce many…

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